The Choral Scholar & American Choral Review

Volume 9, Number 1 - Spring 2020

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From the Editor: Troubled Times

by Mark Nabholz

The Crucifixion: Stainer’s Invention of the Anglican Passion and Its Subsequent Influence on Descendent Works by Maunder, Somervell, Wood, and Thiman

by Matthew Hoch

Serge Jaroff and His Don Cossack Choir: The Refugees Who Took the World by Storm

by Donna Arnold

Retired and Refueled: An Interview with Conductor, Teacher, Composer, Arranger, and Pianist, André Jerome Thomas

by Brandon A . Boyd

Britten, Bach and The Passion

by J. Brooks Kuykendall

Book Reviews

by Andrew Crow, editor; Vaughn Roste, Luke Duroc-Danner, and Allegra Martin, contributors

Choral Reviews

by John C . Hughes, editor; Sara J. Blessing, Shannon Gravelle, and John P. Rakes, contributors

Recording Reviews

by Jace Saplan, editor; Matthew Bumbach and Bethany Lynn Alvey, contributors

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