Mission and Vision in Governance Committee

The Mission and Vision in Governance Committee will work to ensure that the actions, structures, and activities of NCCO consistently serve and embody the mission and vision of the organization, including supporting the NCCO’s efforts in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Members of the Mission and Vision in Governance Committee will be appointed by the Executive Board with representation of diverse perspectives in mind.

This committee will make further recommendations to the NCCO membership for additional governance structures, committees, and/or changes to the bylaws, which will come to the National Board for action.

This committee will be chaired by a member of the Executive Board. The function of the chair will be to facilitate meetings, provide agendas and minutes, and to ensure communication between the committee and the Executive Board.

This committee will solicit and evaluate applications for the position of Director of Affinity Groups. This person will serve as an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the Executive Board for a term to be determined by the Committee and will receive an honorarium.

This committee will, with the Director of Affinity Groups, propose the creation of Affinity Groups. The Director of Affinity Groups will relay concerns and ideas from the Affinity Groups to the Mission and Vision in Governance Committee where appropriate, and the Committee will be responsible for following up with timely action and accountability.

The Mission and Vision in Governance Committee and the Director of Affinity Groups will also collaborate to propose and then enact strategies to cultivate and nominate prospective Executive Board and National Board members, ensuring that the process reflects our mission and vision.

The ongoing form of this Committee will iterate this process in perpetuity and ensure transparency and proactive communication.

MVG Committee Membership

Elizabeth Swanson, Chair
Jace Saplan, Director of Affinity Groups

Rollo Dilworth
Jeffrey Douma
Kellori Dower
Katherine FitzGibbon
Michael McGaghie

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