NCCO exists to serve the specific needs of university and collegiate conductors, choral faculty, and music students. As written in our Constitution's second article, NCCO serves its stakeholders by, amongst other things:

  • Fostering the discovery of new research and scholarship and presenting it through publication to the membership;
  • Encouraging the creation of new compositions for collegiate choruses through ... publishing; and
  • Advocating for the value of our profession and its members through ... publishing....

Our publications, therefore, range widely and include webinars, advocacy & pedagogy resources, choral music publications, and a scholarly journal.


Advocacy Resources

Pedagogy Resources

The NCCO Choral Series

  • The NCCO Choral Series presents outstanding choral works appropriate for college and university ensembles. The works are selected by a national panel, presented live at conferences, and published by ECS Publishing Group.
  • Explore the Series on the ECS Publishing Group's site

The Choral Scholar & American Choral Review

  • The Choral Scholar
  • The Choral Scholar, a peer-reviewed journal, disseminates outstanding scholarship from various connected disciplines including conducting, musicology, theory, and pedagogy.

Research Memorandum Series & American Choral Review Archive

  • These archives are a work in progress, as we receive and upload the documents that we have received from Chorus America. During the transition, requests for specific issues or articles may be directed to Mark Nabholz, Chief Editor of Publications, at [email protected].

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