NCCO Member Survey Report

In November and December 2020, the NCCO Executive Board prepared a major survey for our membership, which was designed to learn more about our future direction as an organization. We received a very strong response—over 35% of our active members completed the survey.

During the January and February, President Dominick DiOrio compiled and analyzed the results from the survey, and created this report, which was then designed by President-Elect Miguel Ángel Felipe.

After preparing the report on our survey, we shared the preliminary findings with the fifty members of our National Board, who were able to discuss it in our second virtual board meeting on Thursday, January 14, 2021. During this meeting—led with purpose and humility by our Vice President Elizabeth Swanson—we engaged in both small group conversations by region and in a full body discussion about NCCO’s direction, purpose, membership, conferences, and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusivity, and access.

Three takeaways soon became apparent:

  • While NCCO has a purpose as defined in our Constitution, we do not currently have a declared mission statement, visioning statement, or guiding principles. A majority of the National Board strongly supports the articulation of statements of mission, vision, and guiding principles for NCCO.

  • While the survey responses were mixed regarding how and when to hold our next national conference, the National Board overwhelmingly agreed that we should have a conference (of some kind) in the Fall of 2021.

  • Both the responses from the membership survey and the discussions of the National Board strongly confirmed the necessity for increased support and accountability for diversity, equity, inclusivity, and access initiatives throughout all of NCCO’s policies, programs, and governance.

We invite you to read the full Member Survey Report.

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