TASK FORCE on NCCO9 National Conference Strategy

During the end of 2020, the Executive Board prepared and sent to our NCCO membership a member survey designed to get more information about how to move forward as an organization for our 2021 conference planning in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the survey responses were mixed regarding how and when to hold our next national conference, the National Board overwhelmingly agreed that we should have a conference (of some kind) in the Fall of 2021.

There was broad recognition in the survey and in the National Board meeting on January 14, 2021 that an entirely virtual conference would not be advantageous, but that in-person and hybrid options should be considered.

With these considerations in mind, the Executive Board approved the creation of this Task Force, its charge, and its membership.

The Charge

The Executive Board of NCCO calls for the formation of a Task Force to make strategic planning recommendations to the Executive Board concerning the 2021 NCCO9 National Conference. The Task Force will consider the following topics in their recommendations to the Executive Board:

  • determining mode of delivery (completely in-person or hybrid);
  • whether or not to include performances;
  • best location for ease and affordability;
  • potential collegiate hosts;
  • calls—for poster sessions, presentations, panel discussions, etc.;
  • appropriate conference fees;
  • programming themes;
    headliners; and
  • NCCO’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusivity, access, education, advocacy, and community.

The Task Force will report their recommendations to the Executive Board by mid-March. Additionally, the Task Force will maintain a role in the planning and execution of the 2021 National Conference and will continue to serve as integral to its organization.

Approved by NCCO’s Executive Board, January 28, 2021

Task Force Membership

  • Matthew Ferrell, chair, NCCO Treasurer; St. Cloud State University
  • Nicolás Alberto Dosman, University of Southern Maine
  • Eduardo García Novelli, Carthage College
  • Merrin Guice Gill, Bethel University
  • Tracey Gregg-Boothby, Rose State College
  • Andrew Morgan, Hendrix College
  • Jennifer Sengin, Georgia State University
  • William Powell, Auburn University


The task force reported their recommendations to the Executive Board throughout April and May of 2021, and the Executive Board -- in consultation with select members of the Task Force -- has pursued plans for the NCCO9 National Conference with their input.

Many members of the Task Force will continue to serve on conference planning committees.

The Task Force concluded its work in June 2021.

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