NCCO TASK FORCE on Choral Music in the Liberal Arts

NCCO members were invited to participate in a survey in the fall of 2018 aimed at gathering information regarding their faculty status, institutional and departmental structure, teaching responsibilities, faculty evaluation criteria, choral ensemble offerings within their programs, and representative repertoire. Participants were also asked to provide feedback on NCCO’s conferences and written publications, with particular focus on their relevance to participants’ work in liberal arts-focused collegiate settings.

In total, 77 individuals participated in the survey. Task force members analyzed responses in different categories, and provided brief descriptions of their findings, which are summarized below (not every question warrants extensive analysis).

As the responses to initial questions suggest, the survey did not identify a single definition of what constitutes a “liberal arts” setting. Participants represent a wide array of institutions. NCCO members were encouraged to opt out of the survey if their teaching occurred primarily in R1 institutions or graduate level programs.

The Charge

The Executive Board of NCCO calls for the formation of a Task Force on Choral Music in the Liberal Arts, to investigate how best to provide for this segment of our collegiate choral population. Task Force members are encouraged to seek out information from relevant stakeholders and share any findings and recommendations with the National Board for consideration.

Approved by NCCO’s Executive Board, 2017

Task Force Membership

  • Andrew Morgan, chair, Hendrix College
  • Barron Breland, Creighton University
  • Katherine FitzGibbon, Lewis & Clark College
  • John Hughes, Ripon College
  • Dirk Johnson, West Virginia State University
  • Michael McGaghie, Macalester College
  • Alec Schumacher, Hawai'i Pacific University


Read the task force report.

The task force completed its work in 2019, and Andrew Morgan gave a presentation to the National Board at its biennial meeting in College Park, Maryland in November 2019.

The task force is no longer active.

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