NCCO Webinars

Part 1

Series 1, Webinar 7 - 15 April 2020: Onward, We Lead

[28:25] We'll begin today by taking the pulse of the profession. Panelists, how are things right now in your organizations? What are the challenges and opportunities that you're experiencing?

Catherine Dehoney: Chorus America is doing well right now. The staff has adapted quickly to working remotely. The opportunities for Chorus America to serve the field right now are greater than ever. We have a team that is working overtime to push information and resources out. We've been part of important advocacy efforts for federal relief to non-profits and performing artists. On the challenge side, we have taken a revenue hit primarily for having to cancel our conference and conducting academy. We're looking for silver linings in those situations, but we're doing pretty well right now.

Eileen Hayes: The College Music Society, in addition to our regular webinar series which has focused primarily on musicians' health, about three weeks ago for remote teaching and distance learning during COVID-19. In addition, on the CMS website you will find a repository of teaching materials, tips, and suggestions for those who are engaged in the remote learning process. I invite you to add your suggestions to that site. Our next webinar, April 24, will focus on large ensembles. Our regional chapters and committees continue to go forward, although we have taken a financial hit. Two weeks ago I sent out an appeal to our membership, requesting additional donations. We have applied for federal aid, and other granting organizations for support to tide us through this period. I believe that this disruption provides us with a great opportunity for us to become more connected to other professional society, and also for us as individuals to reach out to colleagues at other institutions and in other disciplines.

Karen Brunssen: As an organization, NATS's first effort was to help teachers manage one-on-one instruction. We've offered help in achieving the best possible sound using Zoom, we've offered educational tools on Canvas and Facebook, and connected people who have questions with people who can help. We have 15,000 students a year participating in NATS auditions. Our national student auditions were to take place at our upcoming conference, but we've announced that those are going to be online now. Our conference is scheduled for the end of June, and this week we will announce how we will handle that. We are excited about the new possibilities, and have been considering every aspect of what it means to be a voice teacher in this situation. Connectivity to the internet is one of the big things, and clarity of the sound. How do you deal with the elimination of the upper overtones of the voice? We've had seven NATS Chats available to everyone, and have also opened up access to the Journal of Singing to everyone. For giggers who have lost so much work, we have information on our COVID research page that will help them find needed resources. We're using this as a chance to gather in a new way through Zoom, and GoToMeeting. We just had a board meeting online that was very successful and, frankly, more organized.

[38:50] Tim Sharp: ACDA is doing well now. Our staff was ready to go in terms of distance work, but we really had to ramp up the technology for every staff member to make sure that we wouldn't miss a beat. We were able to do that quickly, and have taken advantage of this time to convert to a new associational management program. ACDA, fortunately, was able to have its conferences, because we had them early in the year. By the time we got to the last two conferences, the sheltering warnings were beginning to come out, and we shortened them by a day or a day-and-a-half. The fourth quarter in the fiscal year is the time when most people are doing their programs and getting ready for the summer. So in a way this quarter is our lowest quarter financially. So what we're doing right now is to plan where are we going to be in the fall. I'm talking to choral organization leaders in other countries, and publishers. The most proactive thing that ACDA has done is to talk early with publishers, distributors, and software companies to ease up restrictions on intellectual property, and building collaboration to make resources available. We have a COVID page leading to these resources provided by our partners who have helped us in this easing effort. We are all very concerned about going forward with the resources that our membership needs.

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