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Series 1, Webinar 5 - 6 April 2020: Recitals, Auditions, and Juries, Oh My!

Recitals, Auditions, and Juries, Oh My!

Strageties for assessing performance virtually

The end of the academic year fast approaches and, with it, the time when we traditional evaluate our students through recitals and juries. Many of us would typically also audition applicants and place future choristers during this time of year. In the time of ‘social distance,’ however, everything requires a fresh look. How will we evaluate? Are our goals the same and what outcomes can we expect? What software is best and can we actually hear them? Finally, what’s the impact on our programs, our applicants, and our students? Join our panel and your colleagues to discuss and share resources in another event in the NCCO Webinar Series, “Collegiate Choral Music During the Coronavirus Pandemic.”

This archival item is a work in progress. The following items are not yet added or completed:

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Miguel Ángel Felipe, moderator
President-Elect, NCCO
Director of Choral Activities & Associate Professor
University of Arizona

The Panel

Lisa A. Billingham
Choral Conducting and Music Education Faculty & Professor
George Mason University

Maya Hoover
Professional Singer; Chair, Voice Area & Professor
The University of Hawai‘i – Mānoa

Gregory Ristow
Founder, uTheory; Director of Vocal Ensembles & Associate Professor
Oberlin College & Conservatory

Stephanie Weiss
Professional Singer & Assistant Professor
Arizona State University

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