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Series 1, Webinar 4 - 2 April 2020: Now What?

Now What?

Job searches, tenure & promotion, and other considerations in the Corona age

This webinar provides a sharing of ideas of how we can move forward professionally as we navigate COVID-19’s disruption to our lives. Whether a fresh mindset for how to approach the job search, new actions in securing one’s current academic position (for example, leaping over tenure-track hurdles), or considering realistic methods of assessment (such as, for student teachers who are otherwise poised to enter the job market), this panel hopes to share words of encouragement as well as practical considerations for this unprecedented time. How do we account for “lost gigs”? What questions should we be asking our chairs & deans? What is being discussed at the administrative level? How can we reroute paths forward with compassion to others and to ourselves?

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Elizabeth Swanson, moderator
Vice President, NCCO
Associate Director of Choral Activities & Assistant Professor
University of Colorado - Boulder

The Panel

Rollo Dilworth
Vice Dean, Center for the Performing and Cinematic Arts & Professor
Temple University

Kellori Dower
Dean of Fine and Performing Arts
Santa Ana College

Mariana Farah
Associate Director of Choral Activities & Associate Professor
University of Kansas

Michael Hanawalt
Director of Graduate Choral Studies & Associate Professor
Florida State University

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