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Series 1, Webinar 2 - 27 Mar 2020: "Togetherness" Is Not a Course Objective

‘Togetherness’ Is Not a Course Objective”

Developing choral culture online, not just choral courses

“‘Togetherness’ Is Not a Course Objective” focuses on aspects of choral culture beyond our traditional educational goals. Nevertheless, it is these same elements of the whole experience, that make choral singing such a positive influence for tens of millions of Americans. And so as we realign toward the all-virtual university, how do we account for what’s been lost in the conversion (and value what’s been gained)? To answer these question, and offer attendees some tools & materials to build their own solutions, panelists explore strategies for synchronous and asynchronous community building activities. Ultimately, both panelists and attendees can share examples from their work to restore community within our choral families.

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Miguel Ángel Felipe, moderator
President-Elect, NCCO
Director of Choral Activities & Associate Professor
University of Arizona

The Panel

Marie Bucoy-Calavan
Director of Choral Studies & Assistant Professor
University of Akron

Katherine FitzGibbon
Director of Choral Activities & Associate Professor
Lewis & Clark College

Elise Hepworth
Director of Choral Activities and Music Education & Professor
Missouri Western State University

Michael McGaghie
Director of Choral Activities & Associate Professor
Macalester College

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